West Virginia Childcare Centers United

West Virginia Child Care Centers United

West Virginia Childcare Centers United

West Virginia Childcare Center United (WVCCU) is a nonprofit childcare providers organization created to act as the “voice” for children, their families, and early care education professionals, and advocates across the state of West Virginia.

We were formed by the merger of two former organizations: West Virginia Association of Child Care Centers and Directors on a Mission.

West Virginia Child Care Centers United (WVCCU) wants to help state leaders understand the current situation for children/families and child care professionals in West Virginia.

In childcare, it is easy to feel that no one understands the challenges of providing quality care.  WVCCU wants to make sure that the resources and supports are in place to make all childcare programs successful.


Why Should My Childcare Program Join WVCCU?

We offer that support by providing opportunities to network with other childcare professionals who can relate to difficult situations.  WVCCU also gives a voice to legislation that affects childcare centers, teachers, and policy.  We promise to keep you informed of changing regulations as well as pending legislation that could make a difference in your childcare program.  WVCCU facilitates a minimum of 2 Dinner Meetings a year where a speaker usually addresses the members about current news affecting the childcare industry.  This also gives members time to come together to talk about individual issues that may be relevant to others.

Benefits of Becoming A Member of WVCCU

Networking with other childcare centers

Professional development opportunities and resources

Current information affecting childcare on a state level

Membership in WVCCU’s e-mail listserve

Voting rights


How Do I Join?

Become a member today. Go to our membership page.

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Unlocking Funding Opportunities


Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your daycare’s full potential. We invite you to become a part of our growing community of daycare owners who are achieving their dreams.

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In Memory of Kay Tilton

Composed by Judy Curry in memory of Kay Tilton-this message through frequent tears the majority of the day. What to say…. It is with deep sadness that I inform my former co-workers of the passing of Kay Carter Tilton, my former boss, much admired mentor and beloved friend. Kay passed away yesterday, May 25, 2022, after losing her long battle with COPD. She is survived by her husband Tom, her daughter Kara, a grandson, and one brother. I will always remember her intelligence, her creativity, her determination and dedication to child care and most especially her laughter as she talked with people.

Kay was a true leader in the field of child care and early childhood in WV. She started her career with DHHR in the early 1970’s as a Child Care Center licensing specialist. She was soon the Director of Licensing and the Child Care Subsidy program. When I went to work with her in 1990, new federal funding had been made available and Kay was hard at work developing a vision to implement new federal requirements with the help of several committees of stakeholders. Kay had a vision of statewide child care resource and referral programs that managed the subsidy program and statewide training. She developed the first Request for Proposals resulting in bids for CCR&R services in 21 counties. New services, such as training and technical assistance for child care providers were added as funding was made available. Several years later, state funding was appropriated that allowed for state-wide coverage. That network still manages those services.

Then in 2002, the State Legislature passed legislation mandating WV Pre-kindergarten be implemented statewide over the next 10 years. Kay worked tirelessly with other early childhood agencies and programs to represent child care and to ensure the involvement of child care programs in providing services. As a result of this new program, she was named the first Director of the Division of Early Care and Education at DHHR and staffing was increased.

Kay touched the lives of many families and children in ways many will never know by improving the quality of care. She also created a partnership with child care providers, listening to their concerns and needs while working to professionalize the workforce. She was a true hero. Please join me in remembering and celebrating her many accomplishments and her lifetime of service to the childcare industry.

Dear Child Care Provider:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant, which subsidizes the State of West Virginia’s child care program, received additional funding from the CARES Act. The increased allocation allowed West Virginia to provide child care assistance for any parent deemed an essential worker during the pandemic, regardless of income.

On December 27, 2020, a second stimulus bill was authorized which includes an additional designation for child care.  The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Division of Early Care and Education will extend both current Child Care Certificates and Parent Service Agreements through at least January 31, 2021.

Please understand that all payment is subject to the availability of state and/or federal funds.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral agency.

Thank you for continuing to serve the children and families throughout West Virginia during this difficult time.

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Dedicated To Improving The Quality Of Child Care In West Virginia